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NovelAnswer is an online developing network of experts as well as students catering to the needs of students as well as industries in the field of statistics.
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Our goal is to deliver detailed outstanding solutions that would help students to gain a whole new perspective on how to approach the problems and cultivate a new found interest for the subject at affordable prices. We are quite committed to the field of statistics and the quality of the services that we provide. Our strong expertise in the field and our commitment towards developing a strong expert- students relations differentiate us from the rest of the crowd.


We believe in core values of integrity, developing expert - student relationship and the importance of time in every stage of student’s academic life and therefore any query or any question which is submitted via our portal will be provided with expert guidance 24 X7. Our experts are motivated for delivering excellent service around the clock, so you can expect a response within 1 working business day or less.
The solutions provided by NovelAnswer follow very strict rules. The answers provided are:
  1. Premium content: The experts at NovelAnswer have Master degree and PhD degrees from well-known colleges and have a vast experience to back their claim of providing high-quality explanations and solutions to a seemingly complex question.
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  3. Step by step solution: The solutions are provided in step by step format for increasing student’s understandability. The complex question is broken down into simple steps and each step is provided with the detailed explanation.
  4. Illustrations: The solutions are accompanied by numerous illustrations which include bar graphs, pie charts, graphs, etc. to represent the data in a more visually appealing and concise manner. This feature differentiates us from similar ventures.
We choose to do business with maximum efficiency while providing attention to the needs of the students. Student satisfaction is our utmost priority and we work hard towards delivering a hassle-free experience.
We offer our services and our expertise at the lowest price in the market to make our services available to a large segment of the student’s community. Our prices and the quality of the answers have no correlation, so you can devote your attention to other fields while we work to cater your academic needs.

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